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So if I'm too busy to blog, is that a good thing?

posted Feb 26, 2014, 9:53 AM by Mom Brewer-Chaparro
Yes, I am fully aware my website is fairly useless but I need a way to stay connected with my customer/fan base in the event that Etsy continues down its resale bunny-path. Trying to make it easy for folks to find me can be challenging with the birth and demise of so many Hand Made sites. Putting my FaceBook address on cards is rather creepy. But if you want to see what is happening with my art as well as get to know this artist as a person, you really should 'friend' me by name - Rhonda Brewer-Chaparro.
If you are already a friend you would know I am returning to ceramics. I now have a new kiln and my potter's wheel has been cleared of all paint. Whatever hand painted records I currently have listed on Etsy will be the last of them. I still have a TON of records but am unsure what I'll do with them.
Who knows - I may go back to painting with the wheel again when the weather is too hot and dry to play in the mud. The art is in charge, I am just a tool.