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A Slow Start to a New Show Season

posted May 19, 2013, 8:38 PM by Mom Brewer-Chaparro
I haven't gotten much done since Christmas. Hubs brought home a new boat about a year ahead of schedule so I lost half my studio space in the garage. This meant I had to build an outdoor work area. Which meant I had to build a 30-foot long workshop. Which meant I had to put a french drain in the side yard. I coulda killed him.
So instead of spending my time doing art, I spent the past several months trying to put my studio together for the 4th time since we moved in a year ago. I swear all I do is move stuff around. I'm still trying to remember where I last saw things and spending half my time looking for the tools I needed. It will take some time for everything to find its place but at least I have storage now!

So, now that I'm lining up my shows for the season I realize I will be sticking with the Recycled Records for most of them. I hope to have a show or two of nothing but one-of-a-kind stuff that will come of my finding so much cool stuff while cleaning up. The ceramics will be coming but I need to fire a few more loads, get everything glazed and make sure I have enough stock for a show. You can find out where I'll be by checking the Links & Contact page.